A diferent post today/ Un artículo diferente para hoy

This is a Spanish blog, and therefore, I always write in Spanish. But today I will make the exception, and I hope you don't mind. Why, you may wonder... Well, there is this Conference I would really love to go to and they are offering a scholarship for those interested.
I'm talking about the She Speaks Conference which is hosted by Proverbs 31 Ministries, an organization dear to my heart. Why do I want to go? This would be a unique opportunity to learn from and listen to wonderful speakers; an incredible chance to learn more about the speaking and writing ministry I'm beginning to walk in. 
Below you will find the rules for the contest. Check it out, you might be interested too!

She Speaks Scholarship

So, I'm first thankful to God for Proverbs 31 and thankful to Proverbs 31 for this opportunity. Now I'm just praying that if this is God's plan for me this year, the dream may come true. Thanks for stopping by!

El artículo de hoy es en inglés porque esta relacionado con una beca a la que estoy aspirando para participar en el congreso She Speaks auspiciado por Ministerios Proverbios 31.Así que es una excepción en la regla. ¡Nos vemos la próxima semana!


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